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General FAQ
Laniks Hair Boutique - FAQs

Do you have a store front?

LHB currently does not have a physical store. It’s a strategic move to keep costs down and offer a high quality product at an affordable pricing.

Do you offer discreet shipping?

Yes, all shipping labels will have LHB on the sender’s info.
Unless asked by a shipping agent the item in the box, it’s kept a secret.

What happens if what I am looking for is not on the site?

Please contact us and we may be able to get it for you! Everything including wefts, closures, and wigs can be custom-made by LHB.

Laniks Hair Boutique - FAQs

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, wholesale pricing is available; please contact us for appropriate forms and information.

Are you a registered company? Is this a legitimate business?

Laniks Hair Boutique, Inc. is a registered company in the state of Illinois.
Remy Hair Extensions FAQ
Laniks Hair Boutique - FAQs

How much do I need for a full install?

This will depend largely on how you like to wear you hair. For a standard install 8 ounces of hair should suffice. For a very full look then 10 to 12 ounces will suffice.

How long will the hair last me?

This is greatly dependent on each individual. With proper care the hair should last multiples installs.

How many ounces are in a bundle?

A bundle is about 3.7 to 4.2 per pack.

How does this compare to hair bought at the Beauty Supply store?

Beauty Supply hair is about the same per pack.

How does length affect the width?

The hair is weigh, so the lengths will contribute to the total weight of the hair, so in essence the longer the length the shorter the width. So, 18” and up in length may require an additional bundle for a full install.

Laniks Hair Boutique - FAQs

What does Virgin hair mean?

Virgin means that the hair has not been process at all. It’s in its natural state. It has not been process for color or texture.

Why Indian hair?

Indian hair is readily available on the market because some Indian women and men donate their hair for religious purpose. The hair is versatile because of its texture; it easily blends with several hair textures.

What’s the difference between Malaysia and Indian hair?

The major difference is the origin. The hair is very similar and it’s not detectable unless you have been trained to see the difference.

Laniks Hair Boutique - FAQs

If Virgin hair is good why do you sell process hair?

I offer process hair for sale because the quality is superior. I process Virgin hair keeping the cuticles attached and in the same direction. Process hair offers flexibility while maintaining high quality for my clients that are interested in a predictable texture.

How well does Fresh Relaxed hold curls?

This is largely dependent on the products you use. See more info on recommended products in the hair care document.

Will the hair tangle?

Hair will not tangle, if proper care is taken. It’s imperative that you do not SPLIT the wefts, that you Seal the wefts, and that you cut off split ends. Hair can get bulky if you installed too many tracks – 4 to 6 ounces is enough for a full install with this texture.
Remy Hand-Tied Wigs FAQ
Laniks Hair Boutique - FAQs

What makes your Monotop wigs unique?

The Super-Natural Lanik's monotop is definitely unique – The hair is, Remy hair top quality, inspected and approve as ‘Grade A’, Remy hair. The wefts are hand tied, small and not bulky. This unique wig has the option of a silk top producing a one of a kind scalp appearance.

How is the Monotop different from a Lace Front?

A monotop is a monofilament wig is with a comfortable thin material base. Hair strands much like a lace wig, is attached by hand, one strand at a time. This is a beautiful comfortable wig with realistic scalp. The monotop can be sew-in or worn without any adhesives. The monotop is convenient and very versatile. This is perfect for models and actress that needs a quick change. This is also perfect for anyone that does not want the commitment of a LFW or a Sew-in weave.
Super-Natural Remy Closures FAQ
Laniks Hair Boutique - FAQs

Will the closure “scalp” match my scalp?

It may or may not- it’s not possible to stock closures that will match everyone’s scalp 100%. The great thing is that there are ways to get the closure to match your complexion perfectly. Please read our hair care document.

What does the measurement mean?

The 3x4 or 4x4 refers to width and depth. The number in front refers to how wide it is across your head, the number at the end refers to how far back it will go when placed on the head.

How long will a closure last?

This is also largely dependant on care and each user. A closure is a delicate silk or lace material and must be treated as such.
Custom Orders FAQ
Laniks Hair Boutique - About UsAll custom orders will take 5 to 6 weeks from the time the payment clears; provided there are no changes to your original order.

What can be customized?

LHB offers Customized closures, Skin wefts, Full Lace wigs; Monotop wigs; and Lace Frontals.

Will you accept hair from a customer to make custom orders?

Yes. I will accept hair to make custom wefts, frontals, and closures.

How do I order a customized item?

Please fill out our custom order form.

If it’s a frontal please fill out the form for a frontal unit.

Laniks Hair Boutique - About Us

What should I expect?

The process will take about 2 to 3 days to order and get a quote. At the time of a quote you can cancel the order or proceed with the order. The order will be put in and a 50% deposit will be required.

Your customized item will be in production and no drastic changes can be requested.

Before the hair is shipped to you; you will receive detailed pictures of your order, if you see any discrepancy, it can be fixed at this time.

After approving the pictures, the remaining 50% is required and your product will be shipped to you. Once you receive the product, you have 3 days for any issues that you may have with it. After three days, it’s assumed by LHB that you are satisfied with your product and the service.

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